Compass Box Whisky and Beer Matching @ Brewdog, Glasgow

This is just a quick blog post to tell you about a tasting I attended last night. It featured a range of whiskies from the excellent Compass Box but with the interesting twist of pairing them with beers available at the Glasgow branch of Brewdog. 

The night began with a taste of the new Compass Box Enlightenment – a blended malt made up of whisky from Clynelish, Balblair, Glentauchers and Mortlach. A great dram actually with lots of fruity character and one I may review properly in future.

The whisky and beer pairing began with Orangerie (technically not a whisky as its been flavoured with Orange Peel and Cloves among other ingredients) matched with Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club. The match worked very well it has to be said with the fruity notes in the beer being a good match for the flavoured spirit.

Next up was the Great King St ‘Glasgow Blend’ matched with 5am Saint. This one didn’t work just as well for me, the individual components were good, I’m a fan of the Glasgow Blend in particular but I didn’t think either was drastically improved with the pairing.

Third was the famed Spice Tree – known for creating controversy and provoking the Scotch Whisky Association on its original release (never a bad thing). This was paired with Dipa v3 from Cloudwater. Lovely beer actually and an outstanding whisky that worked well together.

The fourth pairing, and for me the highlight of the night was a contrasting match between the brilliant blended grain whisky Hedonism and Brewdog’s Jet Black Heart. The dark beer and light coconut of the grain whisky was a real standout for me and something I’d like to explore further. 

To finish, things turned smokey with a great pairing of German ‘smokebeer’ Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier and Compass Box’ smoke heavy ‘Peat Monster’. Another great combination that were practically made for each other and an excellent way to round off the matching session.

All in all a great evening that offered something a little different and gave me food for thought and a few ideas I may try at home. I’d like to see more events like this actually, there are plenty of whisky and cheese pairings and whisky and chocolate pairings.. But it was a lot of fun to explore the relationship between whisky and beer and thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Cheers!



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