Glen Scotia 15 Year Old

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Glen Scotia and Duncan MacCallum

Glen Scotia distillery is located in Campbeltown on the Kintyre Peninsula of Scotland’s western coast. Founded in 1832 by Stewart, Galbraith & Co the distillery enjoyed some early success, benefiting from its position on the High St of what became known as the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World.

Campbeltown’s good times didn’t last of course. A combination of factors, including the closure of the local coal mine, contributed to the decline of the once thriving industry. By 1924 things were looking grim for Glen Scotia but just as the end drew near, the business was saved (albeit temporarily) by local distiller Duncan MacCallum, owner of the Glen Nevis and Kinloch distilleries. By 1928, however, the business was struggling yet again and the decision was taken to halt production. While Scotia re-opened two years later, the hard times took their toll on MacCallum.

The once successful businessman lost everything and on the morning of 23 December 1930, he left his house on Kilkerran Road and climbed the hill to Crosshill Loch, the source of Glen Scotia’s water. There, he walked into the cold, dark water and was never heard from again. While Glen Scotia was under MacCallum’s ownership for just 6 years, the distillery would likely have been forever lost were it not for his intervention in 1924. With that in mind, next time you raise a wee dram of Glen Scotia, why not toast the memory of the man whose spirit is said to haunt the distillery to this day…

The Whisky

Glen Scotia came under new ownership in 2014 and has since launched a full new range of core expressions, including this rather fine 15-year-old.

Smell: Vanilla, Caramel & Toffee, Biscuit, Apple & Orange. A touch of Wood and a little Smoke.

Taste: Woody & Spicy on the palate with Gingerbread, Orange, Caramel and a faint undercurrent of Smoke.

Thoughts: I’m seeing the price of 15-year-old single malts climbing drastically of late. What used to cost £50 is now in the region of £70. Massive credit then to Glen Scotia who continue to price this one between £45 and £50. It’s quite an excellent buy at that price with just the right combination between cask and spirit. Like most Campbeltown drams there’s a subtle hint of the sea with some salt and brine and the gentlest of smoke. Complex, balanced and affordable. Great stuff.

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