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The city of Dublin was once home to 37 distilleries but by 1976, each and every one of them was lost. When the new Teeling distillery was established in 2015, it was the first to open in the city for more than 125 years. The full Teeling story begins long ago however…

Walter Teeling founded a distillery on Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties area of Dublin in 1782. At that time the city was home to some of the largest and most successful distilleries in the world and Walter’s early success soon attracted attention. His distillery was eventually bought over by Willam Jameson & Co, effectively erasing the Teeling name from the whiskey landscape for generations to come.

Then in 1987, John Teeling a direct descendant of Walter, bought an industrial alcohol plant and converted it to a distillery. Cooley launched in 1989, becoming the first new Irish distillery of the 20th century. Keeping the business in the family, John was joined at Cooley by his sons Jack and Stephen but it wasn’t long before the big boys came knocking once again. Cooley was sold to Beam Incorporated in 2011 but the family weren’t finished and negotiated some 16,000 casks of aged whiskey as part of the sale. This stock was put to good use by Jack who used it to launch the new Teeling Whiskey brand in 2012.

Jack was then joined in his new venture by brother Stephen and the two got to work on the next phase of the masterplan… By 2015, a new Teeling Distillery was completed on Newmarket Square, a mere stones throw from the site of Walters original distillery some 233 years before. Today, the Teeling name is once more playing a significant role in the story of Dublin distilling.

Teeling have a core range comprised of the Small Batch blend, an excellent Single Grain and a Single Malt, bottled at 46% and available in the UK for around £40 – £45.

Smell: Vanilla. Buttery Pastry & Dark Chocolate – Pain Au Choc, Caramel, Lemon and Lime, Pepper and Cream.

Taste: Honey, Vanilla, Cream, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pepper and Spicy Oak.

Value for Money: A well priced, higher strength single malt Irish whiskey is none too common but that’s exactly what Teeling have on offer here.

Score: 83

A very pleasant drinking experience full of bold flavours that you wouldn’t normally associate with the spirit of Ireland. Great stuff, though for me and somewhat surprisingly, the Single Grain is superior to the malt. If Teeling can maintain this level of quality at their new distillery, they will be one of the leading lights in the resurgence of the Irish scene for many years to come.

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