Christmas Gift Idea: Angels’ Share Glass Whisky Baubles


I should probably start this article something like this…

“As Christmas 2019 approaches, relatives of whisky lovers everywhere begin the annual scramble to find something appropriate for their loved one…”

…but you and I both know that would be a massive pile of shite. Whisky lovers are pretty much the easiest people on earth to buy for. So long as it comes in a glass bottle and doesn’t fall below 40% abv you’ve pretty much got us onside.

Still, if someone out there is looking for a gift that’s a wee bit different, or wants a little something extra to go along with the 70cl of satisfaction they’ve already wrapped up then it just so happens that I have a suggestion or two. Now, I don’t usually write this kind of thing but the honest truth is I was given some gifts myself last year and I really liked them, so I thought it would be worth telling you about them.

To clarify, I have no affiliation with the product below – I’m not on commission here – I just liked it and thought you might too!

In an earlier post I looked at the Chivas ‘Whisky Blending Kit’ that offered a neat little fun package for a very reasonable price. This time around I’m going slightly more upmarket yet no less appealing with a set of whisky-filled Christmas Tree baubles from Angels’ Share Glass.

Angel’s Share have been creating exquisite glass items since their launch in 2013. The firm produces everything from droppers to water jugs to hip flasks, not to mention their trademark ornamental ‘Angels’ that come with a drop of whisky, sealed inside forever more.

Among their Christmas Gift selection however are the rather ingenious Whisky Baubles. These come in a set of four, with each bauble containing 5cl of blended malt whisky from Douglas Laing & Co’s Remarkable Regional Malts range. Hang them on your tree and when the big day arrives you pop off the cork, have yourself a dram then refill them for next year. They look fantastic but they’re also rather practical – what more could you ask for?

A set of four Whisky Baubles will set you back around £45. See here for more info.


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