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The internet has brought many new developments to our world. Some good, some not so good. For amateur writers like me, it provides the means to self publish and promote work to an audience I have built up over time. Where it perhaps doesn’t quite succeed so well, is in turning that opportunity into some kind of financial return.

My reviews are free and always will be but the costs of running a website, not to mention acquiring whiskies to write about does mount up after a while. I knew what I was getting into of course and I explored several other ways of monetising my site, including the use of adverts but all they seem to do is clutter up the page for an extremely limited return (seriously, after 5 years, you’re lucky if I clear £5 a month).

So as of now I will be running a voluntary subscription service where people can opt in to paying a small monthly fee of £1 to help with the running costs. Those that do, will be rewarded with additional content, and entered into occasional prize draws.

If the monthly subscription isn’t for you, you can also make a one-off donation of whatever amount you deem appropriate.

Payments are made securely through Stripe – a payment processing system (similar to Paypal) – meaning I will never be given access to your bank details and you will be completely safe.

As mentioned before, this is entirely voluntary. The best way to support remains to be reading my reviews and spreading the word to anyone you think may be interested.

You can subscribe or donate below. The option will also appear atop each of my reviews from now on.

__________ is a free service and always will be. However, if you would like to support the author you can do so by subscribing for just £1 per month. Alternatively, you can make a one-off donation of your choice. Thank you for your support.



Thank you for reading and enjoying

Slàinte mhath.

Neill Murphy.

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