News: Glenglassaugh Release Coastal Cask Selection

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Glenglassaugh Distillery on the Moray Firth lay silent for two decades before it reawakened in 2008. Since then the distillery has produced a range of younger whiskies and now celebrates the release of a collection of cask bottlings aged between 10 and 11 years.

Hand selected by Master Blender Dr Rachel Barrie, the collection captures the coastal character of the single malt, defined by its location and elemental influences. The coastal warehouses benefit from the North Sea air which influences the cask maturation.

Each bottle in the new collection was distilled shortly after the distilleries re-awakening and by its very nature is an exclusive one-off, bottled from a single cask, individually hand-numbered and with a limited number available.

Rachel Barrie said: “No matter what is happening in the world around us, each day the surf rolls in on Sandend Bay and the invigorating North Sea air passes through our coastal distillery and warehouses. That’s the beauty of Glenglassaugh’s coastal casks, each truly a distillation of nature’s elements, come wind, rain or shine.

Over a decade since the spirit reawakened in 2008, Coastal Casks is the first global release of a selection of Glenglassaugh cask bottlings at 10 and 11 years old. Like the surf in Sandend Bay, each cask brings rolling waves of flavour that intensify and evolve in each and every sip.

Nurtured by the coast, each Glenglassaugh Coastal Cask shares a unique and luscious sweetness. With tasting notes ranging from raspberry fruit jam to salted caramel; tropical fruit syrup to chocolate profiterole and clotted cream, this collection is a celebration of Glenglassaugh’s coastal malt journey, which I hope you will savour to the full.”

The Glenglassaugh Coastal Casks collection are all natural colour, cask strength, non-chill-filtered with each being made available in a different location worldwide. Global pricing and date of availability may vary but prices are expected to range between £89 and £99 in the UK.

The collection comprises of…

Cask R11-008-1 (Australia / New Zealand / Canada / India / Middle East / Africa). 11 years old. Unpeated spirit. Madeira Puncheon.

Cask 957 (Poland & Eastern Europe). 10 years old. Unpeated. Sherry Puncheon.

Cask 888 (South East Asia). 10 years old. Unpeated. Spanish Wine Hogshead

Cask 7497 (China / Japan / Korea / Hong Kong). 11 years old. Unpeated. Pedro Ximenez Butt.

Cask 559 (UK). 10 years old. Peated. Bourbon Barrel.

Cask 1830 (Belgium / Netherlands / Germany / Nordics). 11 years old. Unpeated. Port Pipe.

Cask 1346 (Distillery exclusive). 10 years old. Unpeated. Bourbon Barrel.

Cask 1138 (Taiwan). 11 years old. Unpeated. Oloroso Sherry Butt.

Cask 2428 (France, Italy, Iberia, Mediterranean). 10 years old. Unpeated. Pedro Ximenez Butt.

Cask R12-213-1 (USA). 11 years old. Unpeated. Oloroso Hogshead.


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