Wheelhouse Whisky (Islay Single Malt)

Neill Murphy reviews Wheelhouse Whisky, an Islay Single Malt Scotch from MacMillan Spirits, the team behind Benbecula Distillery

Nc’nean Huntress 2022

Neill Murphy reviews the 2022 release of the Nc'nean Huntress, a single malt Scotch whisky produced in the Western Highlands.

Nc’nean Quiet Rebels: Annabel

Neill Murphy reviews Nc'nean Quiet Rebels: Annabel, a single malt Scotch whisky from one of Scotland's newest distilleries.

Watt Whisky Tomintoul 12-year-old

Neill Murphy reviews a Watt Whisky Tomintoul single malt that's been aged for 12 years - including 14 months in a ruby port cask.

Watt Whisky Tormore 12-year-old

Neill Murphy reviews a single cask Watt Whisky Tormore single malt, aged for 12 years and bottled at 59.3%.

Watt Whisky Croftengea (Loch Lomond) 5-year-old

Neill Murphy reviews a Watt Whisky Croftengea single malt distilled at Loch Lomond and matured for five years. Bottled at 57.1%.

Watt Whisky Cameronbridge 30-year-old

Neill Murphy reviews a 30-year-old Watt Whisky Cameronbridge Single Grain Scotch whisky. Bottled at 45.6%.

Watt Whisky Glasgow 5-year-old

Neill reviews a Watt Whisky Glasgow single malt Scotch whisky from a single sherry butt. The spirit is 5 years old and retails for £70.

West Cork Black Cask Blended Irish Whiskey

West Cork Black Cask is a blended Irish whiskey from West Cork Distillers. Whiskey reviews by Neill Murphy.

Glasgow 1770 Red Wine & Ruby Port Cask

The latest release in the Glasgow 1770 Small Batch Series sees a bold combination of Red Wine and Ruby Port casks. Whisky Reviews by Neill Murphy

Egan’s Endeavour Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Egan's Endeavour is a single malt whiskey matured in a combination of different casks: virgin oak, bourbon, sherry and imperial stout barrels. Whisky reviews by Neill Murphy.

Mortlach Single Malt (12 and16-year-old)

Mortlach is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery owned by Diageo. 12 and 16-year-old single malts reviewed. Reviews of affordable whiskies with some entertaining tales along the way.

Lady of the Glen Single Casks (part 2)

Lady of the Glen is an independent bottler of Scotch whiskies, owned by Hannah Whisky Merchants. They bottle Scotch whiskies produced at an array of distilleries all over Scotland. In this feature, I'll be tasting my way through some samples of their Winter 2022 range.