Egan’s Endeavour Single Malt Irish Whiskey


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Egan’s Irish Whiskey was launched in 2015, but the brand’s roots go back a little further. Patrick Egan established P & H Egan Ltd in Tullamore in 1852. The firm were general grocers, brewers, maltsters and ironmongers and traded in timber, agricultural equipment, fertilisers, whiskey and spirits. The company went into liquidation in the 1960s, unable to cope with competition from supermarkets but the name would not be forgotten. In 2015, Jonathan Egan, his cousin Maurice Egan and his friend John Ralph, established a whiskey brand that would continue the Egan legacy. Egan’s Endeavour became the latest addition to the core range when it launched in 2022.

Egan’s Endeavour Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Egan's Endeavour

Egan’s Endeavour is a single malt whiskey matured in a combination of different casks: virgin oak, bourbon, sherry and imperial stout barrels. It’s bottled at 46% and retails for around £42.

*Full disclosure: this sample was included in a Drinks By the Dram advent calendar which I received for free. As always I will strive to give an honest opinion on the quality of the dram and the value for money it represents.

Smell: Straw and dry grass. Orange and lemon. Oatcakes and muesli. Vanilla. Honey. Gentle floral note. Biscuit. New oak.

Taste: Touch of richness, possibly from sherry casks, with dried fruits on the arrival. Followed by walnut and cinnamon. Honey and biscuit. Turns oaky towards the back of the palate and malty on the finish. The influence of the virgin oak seems to rise when water is added but it comes with a nice citrus note.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed my wee sample of Egan’s. It felt a little disjointed at first but with a drop of water, the individual components found some harmony and the dram began to show itself much more effectively. Perhaps there’s nothing unique or unusual to really pique the interest of the flavour junkie but this is, nevertheless, a well-made, satisfying, everyday whiskey with plenty of flavours in the glass. Especially if you enjoy a touch of virgin oak in your dram.

Price: £42. We’re not in bargain basement territory but it’s affordable at £42 and the quality of the liquid is there to back it up.

Egan's Endeavour

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