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Glenglassaugh was awakened from a decades-long slumber in 2008 and now, the hidden gem of a distillery is launching a new portfolio of single malts.

The new range is marked by the release of a flagship 12-year-old which embodies the distillery’s signature coastal style. The overall artistic direction has also evolved, taking inspiration from the rippling sand tide at Sandend Bay, with touches of colour inspired by sea glass.

Influenced by the land and sea, the reimagined range and design encapsulate the ethos of the lush, vibrant coastal spirit. As with all Glenglassaugh single malts, the new whisky has been gently matured in the distillery’s coastal warehouses overlooking the rolling surf of Sandend Bay.

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender at Glenglassaugh Distillery, said:

“The new portfolio brings together all the key elements of Glenglassaugh’s spirit. Inspired by its truly unique coastal location, the new expressions transport us to a place where the spirit is awakened and soul invigorated, inviting us to stop, take a breath and appreciate our surroundings.”

“To taste Glenglassaugh Single Malt is to experience the coastal influence of Sandend Bay and the ancient harbour towns nearby. Shaped by the coalescence of land and sea, the senses are awakened by the imposing yet calming crash of waves and the sweet smell of gorse in the air.”

Two other new whiskies, Sandend and Portsoy, respectively express the luscious and deep coastal elements of Glenglassaugh.  Sandend, inspired by the crescent beach of Sandend Bay, is matured in bourbon, sherry and manzanilla casks bringing luscious waves of tropical sweetness with a touch of sea-salt. Portsoy, taking its name from the neighbouring harbour village, reflects the bold and deeply maritime flavour of this richly peated single malt, matured in sherry, bourbon and port casks.

To celebrate this milestone, Glenglassaugh has partnered with acclaimed landscape photographer Richard Gaston, to launch a photography series which will capture the distillery’s intertwined connection to the land and sea. Richard is a Scottish travel & lifestyle photographer and co-author of Wild Guide Scotland.

Later this year the portfolio will welcome a number of releases dating back to the 60s and 70s, honouring Glenglassaugh’s heritage expressions, and revisiting a time which helped to shape today’s distinctive Highland coastal malt.

The Glenglassaugh 12-year-old will retail at £50 a bottle, whilst Sandend and Portsoy will cost £55 and £60 respectively.


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