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WhiskyReviews.net is a website dedicated to exploring the massive variety of options available to the modern whisky drinker whilst sharing an opinion on what represents good value for money. 

In my reviews I try to offer some practical information about the whisky and share some of the incredible stories that surround the spirit and the places it comes from. 

I focus predominantly on the affordable end of the market and tend to stay away from outrageously expensive, so-called collectable whisky. This website is about available drams that can be enjoyed by everyone. From time to time however I may explore a few more ‘premium’ offerings. 

I’ll offer a score out of 50 for each whisky: marking them on smell, taste and value for money but it should be noted that this is just my opinion and a low score from me should not hold you back from trying out something new.

I give a few tasting notes for each dram, but this is something that I try not to get too involved in. After all, what I smell and taste could be totally different from what you experience. Nonetheless, I think a few short notes can help to give an idea of the character of a whisky.

Most of all, this site is about sharing a passion for whisky, not just for the spirit itself but for the incredibly rich history and mythology that surrounds it. Whisky is much more than just a drink and particularly in Scotland it’s story seems interwoven with that of the land and the people. It is that story that I am exploring and celebrating here – over a dram of course.



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