About the Scores…

I try to keep the scoring as simple as possible. 

Each dram is scored out of 50 points. 

Roughly speaking that’s broken down into three categories… 

Smell = 20 points

Taste = 20 points

Value for money = 10 points. 

The last category was important to me as I have a particular focus on affordable whisky here and want to highlight quality that comes at a good price. Having said that, there are times a dram is just so good that you can forgive it being a little expensive so these categories can become a little flexible from time to time. 

Each whisky reviewed is logged in the WhiskyReviews.net ‘hit list’, giving a convenient ‘at-a-glance’ impression of how they have fared against each other. 

**** Please bear in mind though, all scores are just my opinion which should never be taken as fact. Just because I like something it doesn’t mean you will agree. I try to be objective and unbiased but naturally my personal preferences seep through. Just enjoy the reviews and most importantly, enjoy whatever dram you happen to have in front of you at the time. 


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